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Really, Moffat?! That’s all you have to know? Because understanding who the Doctor is and what he’s been through in his life doesn’t matter at all, right? I guess you really do think he is only a mad man in a box.

From Entertainment Weekly #1295

This actually doesn’t surprise me in the least.  The fact that the whole “the Doctor doesn’t understand human conventions” was Matt’s idea made it glaringly obvious that we’d gone from an actor who understood the Doctor through and through to one that had never watched the show.  The fact that Steven Moffat went along with it proved that he really doesn’t give a damn about what came before him or the richness of that history…because it came before him.

Seriously, man…you don’t have to go home, but can you just…not stay here?

Uhm, Moffat’s a big fan of the old series… he understands old Who, he just isn’t a good writer. And each Doctor has a chance to recreate the Doctor himself because 10 and 11 are completely different people. I’m really sick, tired, and sad about people constantly putting down Matt because he got the short end of the crazy Moff-stick. I don’t want to see one more thing about how Moffat doesn’t know old Who, because he does. He’s just a bad writer.



Amnesty International made this campaign to show Russia how many people around the world supports equality. Each signature is marked as a dot on the picture above, and the goal is to fill the entire map of Russia with these dots. 

So go sign it here! You only need to give them your age, gender and location.

i coloured a spot next to a 30 years old men from Norway thiS IS EXCITING

colored a spot in Russia next to a 21-yo woman! Way to go!

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