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…So what you’re saying is Loki is the trickster, he’s their friend right?"
“Well not exactly… Yes, sort of, but later on.”
“Okay. Well, what about Mark Ruffalo? I LOvE Mark Ruffalo, he’s beautiful. Does he play the billionaire?”
“No, that’s Robert Downey, Jr. Mark Ruffalo is the Hulk.”
(His eyes go wide and I can hear him quietly say, ‘oh my.’)
“What’s the lady’s name? What’s her superpower?”
“Uh well she doesn’t have superpowers really, she’s just really good? Her name is Black Widow.”
“So she runs with these superheroes and doesn’t have powers?”
(Eyes go wide again, impressed.)
“And the blonde guy, I know that’s Chris Pine.”
“Which one?”
“…there’s more than one? Motherfu—
Conversation about the Avengers between me and an adorable drunk mid-40s man from the Carribean
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